Not The Name I Wanted Dobermann

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About us

We are very small Breeders of Dobermann, with a big side dedicated to their health and also their capabilities to work (the whole foundation of the breed) But we search also for a balanced and stable character. Their conformation always being within the decreed Dobermann standard.

We have a maximum of one litter per year, here we are not a puppy mill (we try to preserve the Dobermann and make it better than what we found).
Which gives us the time to ensure that all our dogs are worked in IGP, but of course, adaptable for all canine sports : French Ring, Canicross, Agility, Obedience, etc…

We place much importance on our choices of Breeding.
We avoid certain lines and choose the healthiest lines possible.
All our dogs are tested on their Hips, Eyes, Vwd, DNA, Genetic diversity (VGL) and the Biomarker Fasting Lactate for DCM (all our puppies are tested for Lactate before going to their new homes) The adults have regular Heart tests each year.

Our adult dogs are fed on BARF, and naturally our puppies begin their life being fed on BARF also .

Not The Name I Wanted Dobermann

Our Dobermann puppies

Not The Name I Wanted Dobermann

Between the age of 3 days – 16 days we practice Biosensor on all our puppies… neurological stimulation.

Around 7 weeks we play the game of Sevens on our puppies, in order to give them as much knowledge about the world and confidence to face the world without their mother or brothers and sisters :
7 different smells
7 different materials to walk on
7 different toys
7 different noises
7 different tastes
7 small journeys in the car
7 people


All our news: health results, show, work; puppies to come…

Dobermann NTNIW, Galaxy IGP2

IGP2 for Galaxy

Our little Galaxy passed her IGP2 Club Canin du Lot à Pradines05/03/2023 A80/B83/C93 Judge : Mr Robert Barrere Helper : Mr Loïc Peratout

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