We are expecting puppies around September 21, 2023


A Breeder : is a custodian of a Breed. They are there to improve on what they find ; the health, working ability , conformation and character of the chosen Breed (our Dobermann). Enabling the dog to work as intended for the original origins and most importantly to have good longevity. The above we adhere to seriously in our efforts to improve the Dobermann Breed.

We will only use a dog for Breeding, if they have proved themselves in working, have a stable character and enter into the Dobermann standard, conformation wise. Also, that they obviously have very clean health results.
To be sure of the above, we do not use any of our females until they are 3 yrs old and we try to use males who are older than 5 years.
We follow the guidance and help of our very good friend Bitten Jonsson from Denmark who works tirelessly to preserve the health of the Dobermann, and this for 35 yrs, very successfully.


At 8/9 weeks , Puppies
* Have basic health checked
* Veterinary certificate
* Lactate results
* Vaccinated , chip identification
* Worming up to date
* Registered into LOF , French Stud Book
* International FCI pedigree and passport
* Fully tested with VGL for genetic diversity
They also each have their own booklet with their daily weight registered since birth, the various work we do with them and their reactions noted. Worming schedule is noted and general advice for the first few weeks with your puppy.

Just-Gaiano de la Villa Valiano